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Real-time verification check for WhatsApp

Code Verify for WhatsApp Web – Chrome is a free-to-download browser add-on that adds an extra layer of protection when people use WhatsApp on the web. It automatically checks whether you're using an authentic and un-tampered version of the social media platform.

Verifying the authenticity of your WhatsApp Web with Code Verify is easy. It does the job automatically every time you launch the site. However, unlike the extension for Firefox and Edge, you need to pin the extension manually on your Chrome browser. Moreover, its performance may depend on pausing or disabling other browser extensions you have. 

What is Code Verify for WhatsApp Web?

While WhatsApp messages are protected via end-to-end encryption, there are still other factors that make it less secure, such as malicious browser extensions. Code Verify for WhatsApp Web – Firefox  ensures that the code running your WhatsApp web is secure against hackers. It automatically checks whether you are using an authentic and untempered version of the app, giving you confidence that your messages are between you and your intended recipients only.

Whenever you use WhatsApp web, the extension creates a hash of the code the browser receives and matches it with what WhatsApp has. When the codes match, the icon on the browser will turn green. If there is an issue, it will turn red. You can then take actions, including pausing other extensions, switching to WhatsApp mobile, or downloading the source code for other third-party organizations to analyze.

The icon turning orange means another browser extension interferes with the app's ability to verify. It can also mean that the request is timed out, and the page needs refreshing. As mentioned, Firefox automatically pins the extension to the browser. Unlike the Chrome version, you don't have to do it manually. However, you may need to disable or pause other extensions to get better performance.

Is the app good?

Code Verify for WhatsApp Web – Firefox is a handy add-on to have when you want to ensure the confidentiality of your WhatsApp messages. With this extension added, you can verify whether the version of the web app is authentic and secure. The app is easy to use and does not require much user input—unless it detects an issue. Although, you may need to disable other extensions while using it.


  • Automatically checks the authenticity of your WhatsApp web
  • Requires little to no user input
  • Easy to install


  • May require you to disable or pause other extensions

Program available in other languages

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